Conservation Biology of Pakistan Editorial Management System

Society for Conservation Biology of Pakistan


Article 1: Name

The Society will be known as the "Society for Conservation Biology of Pakistan", hereinafter called PBS.

Article 2: Aims and Objectives

Following are the aims and objectives of the Society:

  1. To cultivate, promote and disseminate knowledge of all branches of Conservation Biology.
  2. To encourage and stimulate interest in research in all disciplines of Conservation Biology in Pakistan.
  3. To undertake activities necessary for fulfillment of the above mentioned objectives.
  4. To cooperate with other organizations having similar objectives.

Article 3: Membership

The Membership will be of the following categories:

  1. Regular Member
  2. Student Member
  3. Emeritus Member
  4. Honorary Member
  5. Institutional Member
  6. Life Member

Proof of the transcript/degree in Conservation Biology (attested copy) will be provided to the concerned (Chief Editor) for attaining membership of the first two categories. Other relevant fields for membership, if ambiguous, will be clarified by the Chief Editor PJB.

Article 5: Office Bearers

The office bearers of the Society will comprise a President, four Vice Presidents (one from each province of the country and one from Azad Jammu & Kashmir), a Secretary/ Treasurer and a Joint Secretary. They will serve for one term and not be eligible for reelection to the same office in the following term. Those who intend to contest for the elections of any of the Society office bearers must hold 16 years of education in the subject of Botany.

Article 8: Committees

All temporary committees will be appointed by the President according to the needs of the time in consultation with the other office bearers and members of the Council.

Editorial Board

The Council will appoint an Editorial Board comprising a Chief Editor and seven members representing different disciplines of Conservation Biology. The member will assist the Chief Editor in editing the publication of the Society The Editorial Board will evaluate the research papers submitted for publication or refer them to appropriate reviewers, if necessary.

Article 10: Meetings

An annual general meeting will be held as the Council may decide. Additional meetings may be called by the Council as it deems fit and proper.

Article 11: Divisions

Branch organization unit within the Society known as divisions may be established on a geographical or subject basis provided approval of the parent Society is obtained.

Article 12: Auditing

Prior to each annual general meeting, the President will appoint an auditing committee to audit all the accounts of the Society. The audit report will be read at the annual meeting and ratified by the Council as well as the General Body.

Article 13: Amendments

The articles of this constitution may be amended by a majority of two third members present at an Annual Meeting.

Article 14: Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the PBS, its assets left after meeting its liabilities, if any, will be transferred to another society or institution or fund or trust approved U/S 150(1) of the Income Tax Act, under intimation to the Central Board of Revenue within three months of the dissolution.